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A Brief History of Chocolate Apples

The original owners and creators of the Chocolate Apple, Geoff and Vera Fleming, began the operation on their family orchard in Shepparton East back in 2006.

They were looking for new and interesting ways to utilise the fruit from their orchard. This included fruit liqueurs, natural fruit juices, specialty condiments and eventually the Gourmet Caramel Chocolate Apple.

The business grew and over the next 13 years became famous among locals and travelers.

In 2019 the difficult decision was made to sell their 3rd Generation family farm. This put the Chocolate Apple factory in a tough spot and in need of a new home.

Jo, who had worked with Vera, made the offer to buy the business and relocated it to its new home under the iconic Windmill at the Emerald Bank Complex in Kialla.

The Chocolate Apple Factory still make and sell delicious Gourmet Caramel Chocolate Apples keeping true to Vera's original recipe.